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Get to know our Lead Pastors

Pastors Hartness & Fungai Samushonga

Hartness is the Founding leader of Millennium Harvest Church and serves as the lead pastor supported by his wife Fungi. Hartness and Fungai have both been in Christian leadership from very tender ages. After faithfully serving the Lord as a young married couple for 6 years, they were led to found Millennium Harvest Church in September 2007. They are a humble people loving couple who share a passion for getting others to know and experience the blessing of having a relationship with Jesus. Through the years, they have impacted many lives and are respected associate ministers of various ministries in the UK and abroad. They are blessed with two children, Enoch and Alicia.

Hartness is a ‘bivocational’ ministry leader whose work and professional background is largely in the health sector. Starting off his health career as a nurse in London, he has worked in a variety of clinical settings. Following further training and studies including public health, management and leadership, he has worked in various management roles including public health and service development management. His current role in operational management involves leading and managing a portfolio of health services. He is currently studying for a PhD in Management at Hull University Business School (HUBS) for personal development.

Prior to taking theological training, Hartness became involved in church planting and ministry administration and leadership from the age of 23. Following the call to ministry, alongside his professional life, he received theological training at the Assemblies of God Bible College near Redford, and subsequently studied for and attained a Masters Degree in Applied Theology (majoring in Leadership) at Moorelands School of Theology in Christchurch. However, following his training and starting Millennium Harvest Church, Hartness has devoted his time and resources to impact the local church and its mission. He is a gifted articulate teacher and speaker who effectively demonstrates  how the Word of God can be applied in everyday life with great insight and revelation. Many people have been positively impacted through his ministry. He is ardent about prayer and leading prayer. This has influenced Millennium Harvest Church to have a ‘DNA’ of prayer, leading to regular collective experiences of the supernatural presence of God’s power and miracles. Hartness has a typically humble and yet very impactful pastoral ministry. Drawing from his gifting and both his personal life and professional experience, Hartness is a great leader with the ability to formulate vision and getting others to contribute to and supporting it. While he considers his ministry to be largely pastoral and for the local church, Hartness frequently recieves and accepts invitations from other bodies. He is therefore involved in preaching, teaching, and providing training or consulation for other churches, ministries, charities, social enterprises and other organisations in areas including church planting, organisational leadership and management.

His ability to identify and nurture gifting and talent has enabled him to effectively raise and train leaders in the church and beyond. He enjoys writing inspiring Bible based articles and leadership training material. He has music as a hobby, and plays various instruments. He supports his wife in her role as Director of Worship in the church, and occasionally plays instruments and leading or backing vocals in the church. He has over the years trained, nurtured and incorporated very young musicians into  the main church band. His son Enoch started playing piano at the age of 4 and became the main church keyboardist at the age of age 6. This year Hartness is supporting and directing a handful of young musicians in the church in worship song-writing with the hope of recording worship music.


Fungai has been in Christian Leadership from a tender age. She has been actively involved in church planting since 1999. She co-founded Millennium Harvest Church with her husband Hartness in 2007 where they both serve in the senior leadesrhip team. Fungi is a multi-gifted bivocational ministry leader with varied work experince within the sales & marketing and  health sectors. Fungi graduated as a nurse in London and has taken further studies in Health & Biblical studies. She is a dynamic teacher and preacher of God’s Word and regulalrly receives invitations to speak in various churches and ministry events in the UK and abroad in areas that include inspiring Christian living, women’s affairs & ministry and worship. Fungi loves to pray and lead prayer. She exercises her prophetic gifting in a humble manner that has edified the local church and beyond. She is moreover an excellent communicator and connects effectively with people from all backgrounds of life.

Fungi has a passion for Children’s Ministry and is involved in both directing and co-teaching in the Kids Church. She also has a passion & heart for Women’s Ministry and affairs. She has ministered, supported and mentored a number of women within the church and outside of church life. She is the founder of Overflow Women’s Ministry, a misnistry that is part of Millennium Harvest Church’s Women Ministry that reaches beyond the borders of our church. Through Overflow, Fungi  organises some life changing women’s meetings and conferences. Fungi’s gifting has been recognised and accepted by many, and she is part of a large network of women and women ministry leaders in the UK and other countries.

Additionally, Fungi has a great gift and a heart for worship. She has been involved in leading worship in various ministries over the years. She passionately leads worship through inspiration of the Holy Spirit in an infectious manner that creates an environment for worship. She is very gifted in directing, leading and coordinating worship. Fungi’s vision of serving with passion, commitment and excellence has inspired and transformed worship in Millennoum Harvest Church. She has enabled many people to discover and develop their gift in singing and leading worship. She has worked with a team of previously non-musical/non-experienced individuals to build a vibrant passionate and prayerful worship team in the church. Overally Fungi is very industrious, and there is no task too big or too small for her in the church and in the home. Fungai is an amazing cook and as well enjoys spending time with her family.