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Meet our leadership team

Chris Dervey

Elder & Trustee

Chris DerveyChris is a member of the senior leadership team who is very devoted to Christian Ministry. He has served the Lord in a leading capacity for many years. He is passionate about serving the Lord in the local church. Chris has and continues to serve in a variety of ways including leadership, Bible teaching, administration and practical help. Chris has a wealth of experience in governance safety and risk management which he contributes to the church. Chris heads the works and maintenance department within the church.

Brian & Barbara Sitotombe

Deacon & Deaconess

Brian & Barbara SitotombeBrian is a humble leader who serves the Lord in humility and wisdom. He is a living testimony! He shares a great testimony (life experience) of how God sustained him through and out of a diagnosis of cancer. Being a healthcare professional himself, he was able to recognise that the experience of his healing was God’s intervention in his situation. Brian serves in the ministry both on the pulpit and behind the scenes. Amongst other roles, Brian heads the Communication Team that is responsible for sound, visual,  information and publicity.

Barbara is passionate and gifted in serving the Lord. She is passionate about prayer. She has a great drive for intercession and sharing life changing principles of the Bible. Besides being part of the leadership of Women’s Ministry, Barbara is part of the Prayer Team and leads prayer with passion and inspiration.

Luke & Kudzi Selway


Luke & Kudzi SelwayLuke is a leadership intern who has an amazing life story that begins with how he was introduced to drugs at the age of 8 until God miraculously delivered him from drug addiction and kidney problems. Luke has a great passion to serve in Christian ministry in various ways. He has a particular calling and drive to reach out to those who have not received the Christian message, including those who are struggling with drug addiction. Luke and his wife Kudzi run a drug rehab charity that is partnered with the church (www.insideout-rehab.org). Luke has published an inspiring book  about his life story: ‘Inside Out: The story behind the vision‘. He also serves as part of the Millennium Harvest Worship team.

Kudzi is one of the leaders of the Kids Church. She has great commitment and passion organising and teaching children. She also has the desire and is committed to reaching out to those who have not received the Christian message. She is a part of the church’s Outreach Team. Kudzi works alongside her husband Luke at Inside Out Rehab charity. She has experience of working in a church office on a voluntary basis. She currently serves and supports pastors Hartness & Fungi in the pastoral office as their Personal Assistant.

Stanley & Octavia Pangeti


Stanley & Octavia PangetiStanley is a leadership intern who has recently assumed the role of treasurer, whose role benefits from his experience of working in the banking sector. He is committed and passionate about serving. Stan has served in the church for a number of years in a variety of roles including coordinating the Men’s Ministry, church works and maintenance, and is part of the Communication Team and Worship Team, where he serves as a sound engineer.

Octavia serves as part of the Hospitality Team. She has served in this capacity for a number of years in the church and approaches this and other areas of practical work in the church in a polite manner. She is also part of the prayer team and has served on that team for a number of years.